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Paul’s World Client Testimonial 5: Valerie Pearce

Bridge Road
Middlesex TW7 6HE

Friday, September 27 2019


Dear Paul

I wanted to write you this testimonial to express my grateful thanks for your help and assistance over the years.

Not only have you been of great help to me regarding my travels, but since joining Utility Warehouse, over two years ago, you have managed to save me a huge amount on my utility bills.

I know you told me that I’d save money if I switched to Utility Warehouse, but I really thought that as a long-standing customer with my existing suppliers, I was on their best priced tariffs.

However, after you sat down and showed me just how much I was paying with them, and then what I would be paying if I switched, I have to say that I was totally shocked and rather annoyed at my then suppliers, for charging me way more than I needed to.

The sign-up process was particularly easy and painless, and I received a confirmation of my order via email, shortly afterwards, and then in writing from your head office.

You said that you would return to set up my new internet and to sorted out switching over my mobile phone to the Utility Warehouse network. True to your word, you did both, very efficiently I must add.

I wasn’t expecting to be offered a free smart meter either. As you know, my meters are in a rather inaccessible cupboard, that I have difficulty getting to. So, not to have to worry about giving monthly meter readings, was another excellent reason for me to switch my services over to Utility Warehouse. There’s also the fact that I only get billed for the energy I use, and I no longer get estimated bills, which means they are always accurate.

You’ve also got me free, energy-saving, LED light bulbs, installed free in my home. The team that came over were friendly and polite, and very thorough. The bulbs I have, certainly are a big improvement over the ones I had before, and my energy bills have come down even further, as a result.

I was also delighted to hear that you were able to help me get a warm winter fuel allowance each year, as a pensioner. Receiving a refund each February, is very much appreciated.

To make life even better, I referred a friend of mine to you, and you kindly went over to see her and saved her a lot of money too.

Utility Warehouse even sent me £20 worth of M&S shopping vouchers when her services went live, and over Christmas I received a further £10 of vouchers.

You also said that I’ll get more vouchers for each person I refer to you, so I know it’s in my best interest to do so.

I must now mention about your travel business, WOT Travel. Over the years, you have competently arranged any travels that I have wanted, as well as suggesting some new destinations for me to try.

My increased travels have only been possible since you have saved me money on my utility bills. Saving over £1500 a year, in no mean feat, and therefore I have been able to book some great holidays, including my first ever cruise. You’ve even managed to arrange a few lovely surprises for me, which have been really brilliant.

I really do appreciate all that you have done for me over the years, and look forward to having you help me in the future.

Kind regards

Valerie Pearce (Mrs)

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