Sunset view of Marrakech, Morocco
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Morocco – Your Exotic Adventure That’s Close To Home

Morocco is a place that you cannot fly to for so short a time, and yet feel that you’re travelled so far.

A visit there will bring you all the highlights of this fascinating North African kingdom. There are snow-capped mountains and golden beaches.

You can stay in traditional boutique riads, larger resort hotels or tuck themselves away in luxurious mountain kasbahs.

Once there, you’ll enjoy traditional cuisine and the diversity of the Berber cultural heritage.

As for the climate, spring can start as early as February, the summer months are hot, and the sustained sunshine and blue skies of autumn can extend right through to November or December.

It’s just four hours flying time from the UK, so a weekend away is as easy as a week, or two, or even more.

Few cities enjoy such an intoxicating atmosphere as Marrakech.
Essaouira is the most charismatic of Morocco’s coastal towns.
For off the beaten track tranquillity, it’s the Atlas Mountains.
Agadir for tree-lined promenades and ten kilometres of golden sands.
New Destinations

Sitting at the northern tip of Morocco, where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, and guarding the Straits of Gibraltar, Tangier is Europe’s gateway to Africa. It’s a city beloved of many artists and writers drawn to its colourful history, bohemian atmosphere and ‘anything goes’ reputation of yesteryear, when expatriates, exiles and the adventurous made the city their own.

The one-time capital of Morocco, Fez is one of the best preserved medieval Islamic cities in the world. It’s vast old medina is home to outstanding artistry and architecture, the world’s oldest museum and the largest car-free urban zone on earth.

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