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What Are Your Air Passenger Rights?

Air passenger rights involve specific laws that support travelers and advocate for protection and compensation when people face flight disruptions.

The situation varies from country to country. In the USA there are some regulations related to situations such as overbooked flights and tarmac delays. However, passengers often find more protection under the regulations in the countries they travel to. Europe’s EC 261 laws, in particular, are comprehensive and entitle passengers to compensation in a range of situations.

The problem is that many people are not aware that the law is on their side or even that passenger rights exist.

In fact, 85% of EU air passengers and 92% of US air passengers do not know their rights.

Air Passenger Rights and Regulations You Should Know

While it’s true that individual countries abide by their own laws, there are some key features of regional or international laws that serve as powerful tools to air passengers. These include, but are not limited to, EU legislation EC 261, various US laws, Brazil’s ANAC 400, and the Montreal Convention.

Certain regulations have a wider reach or prove more advantageous than others. However, it’s best to remember that disrupted flight circumstances can differ significantly, and it’s helpful to know which strengths you can rely on for your journey.


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