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How About A Bohemian Break in The Czech Republic?

The Czech Republic’s cosmopolitan capital Prague is known for Old Town architecture and glitzy nightlife, but it’s in Art District 7 that visitors will uncover a bohemian gem.

Comprising Holesovice, Bubenec, and Letna, this avant-garde district encourages creativity and expression. It sets the scene for the country’s heritage, joyful and happening cities, which are positioned as such for their olde-wolde atmospheres, family-friendly activities and dynamic developments.

Brno, the capital of Moravia, is one of these cities. It’s fast transforming into a lively hub for young urbanites and is best explored over a long weekend.

Just a one-hour drive away is Olomouc, known as the “spiritual capital of Moravia”. Meanwhile, in the east of the country, Ostrava attracts a similar crowd. Dubbed a “gallery under the open skies”, it promises beauty, entertainment and music.

For travellers exploring at a slower pace, Karlovy Vary provides peace and harmony for body and soul, and a countryside spa trail.

In the north, the city of Liberec is surrounded by mountains and is a hotspot for lovers of architecture. The medieval town of Kutna Hora has a similar offering, with gothic cathedrals, traditional Czech townhouses and grand palaces. It’s also rich with silver mining history, on the Unesco World Heritage list, and within day-trip distance from Prague.

Essential Information

Flights: There are a range of departures from around the UK to Prague, with a flight time of around one hour and forty five minutes.

Best time to visit: Outdoor adventures are best enjoyed in summer, but a winter visit can be planned with the Christmas markets in Prague.

Currency: The Czech Republic is not in the Euro zone. so you will need to source Czech Koruna.

Language: The official language is Czech, which is spoken by around ten million people, and is similar to Polish, Russian and Croatian.

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