Pizza Tuesday 6th birthday celebration
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Have You Been To A Pizza Tuesday Meeting Yet?

If you haven’t been to a Pizza Tuesday meeting yet, then you are seriously missing out!

It’s not just free pizza, you know. You’re potentially missing out on meeting some amazing people, chatting with them about your experiences as a Utility Warehouse Partner, and picking up great business-building tips.

You will be party to quizzes, awards, recognition and a great mix of different teams. Oh, and it’s great fun too.

Pizza Tuesday is held once a month at selected Pizza Express branches across the country.

To qualify, all you need to do is sign up just one new member or Partner in a month. Do that and you’ll be entitled to one meal voucher for Pizza Tuesday the following month. Sign up two or more and you can bring a guest with you too.

I haven’t missed out on a single Pizza Tuesday since I joined as a Partner. Not only have I learned so much about this business, I have made some great friends too.

Over the past few months, I have managed to collect several piggy trophies along the way, and I am now an official “pig farmer”. This is when a Distributor has been awarded two or more trophies, for achieving the status of Regional Award Winner.

Why not take a look at our video and see what you could be enjoying.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a Partner, then why not click here for further details?

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