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Email, It Has Been Around A While Now

Here’s why not to use an email address from your Internet Service Provider.

In fact we may well have had more than one email address over the years. Or perhaps not, as many of us will have had the same email address we started with, many years ago!

So, if you are with AOL, BT, Hotmail etc, there’s no problem, since all of these companies still exist, more or less.

That’s all very well, I hear you say. But, what happens if you have a Freeserve, Wanadoo or Orange address, and whilst we are it who remembers Freenetname, for example?

Well, if you have one of the above email accounts, you actually don’t have them. Well, you don’t have them in the receiving of email sense, which many will argue is rather essential. Because all of the above have been taken out the back and shot by their eventual owners! A bit blunt yes, but it’s true.

You can kind of see their point in a way.

You see, Dixons started Freeserve, which was taken over by Wanadoo. They sold it to Orange, who then merged into T-Mobile to become EE, and they then flogged it to BT.

Of course, when the various companies were being sold (possibly involving a brown envelope stuffed with used notes at a motorway service station), the new owners would profess undying devotion to their new customers, and then plot to strip them of their beloved email addresses.

Unfortunately most of the dirty work had been done, and today almost the only widespread legacy email left is Tiscali.

I think that it would be somewhat over-generous to call Tiscali a hero of the early popularisation of the internet. However, it certainly helped to bring the prices down with its no-subscription deals.

During the early noughties, Tiscali started to sell off its European-wide businesses. It wasn’t until 2009 that they finally let their UK subsidiary go to Carphone Warehouse, which was rebranded TalkTalk.

So, Tiscalians, ten years later they are coming for your emails! It’s true, they really are!

From November 20 2019, TalkTalk will be cutting off all free legacy Tiscali and TalkTalk email addresses, unless you spring for their TalkTalk Mail Plus, at a cost of £5 a month, or £50 a year. If you subscribe to their broadband internet you receive the above as a bonus.

So it’s up to you to if you consider this a deal or a shakedown. If you had a Tiscali account briefly fifteen years ago and have been using their email system for free ever since, then maybe you have less of a reason to moan; not that that this has ever stopped me.

You will want to know what the alternatives are, that’s for sure.

Well, it’s quite obvious and really straightforward really.  All you need to do is open a free Gmail account, and send all your friends the new address. Now, whether to include family is another decision I’ll leave to you.

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