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Business Utilities For Clients in Mainland UK

When it comes to business utilities, it can be a minefield out there with numerous companies offering a range of products.

I work with Full Power Utilities, as a referrer, to source the best prices that they can for you.

Full Power Utilities

The company was formed in November 1997, just a short time after the full deregulation of the UK energy market and as such, they are one of the longest standing energy utility brokers in the UK today.

Full Power Utilities enjoys the prestigious status of “Premier Broker”, a status awarded by the suppliers to only a handful of brokers across the UK, as recognition of the quantity and quality of business that they bring to them.

The company was built on supplier relationships and soon evolved into a “Whole of Market” brokerage, with direct agreements with every supplier in the UK for both Gas and Power.

With a great team of experienced consultants, backed up by a strong bank of administration and accounting staff, Full Power Utilities are the broker of choice for any commercial premises.

Their Approach

At Full Power Utilities they offer a fully consultative service for all clients be they SME, Mid-Market or Corporate and they look upon each and every client as being truly valuable and important.

My experienced colleagues will educate and where necessary, hand-hold our clients through the procurement procedure, fully inform them of their options, what they are committing to, point out what is and is not included in their contract and then explain all of the benefits of the recommendations.

Full Power Utilities will tender the whole market to establish the most competitive and suitable contracts to suit client’s requirements and point out what they feel is the most appropriate contract to commit to. However, they will always offer advice pointing out that it is the client’s final decision as to which contract they decide on.

Who are my target audience?

I am delighted to speak with any Commercial Business as long as they are based in Mainland UK.

Some of the best referrals are:

  • Managing Agents
  • Multi-site Clients (Groups of restaurants, hotels, shops, care homes)
  • Schools
  • Care Homes
  • Hotel Groups
  • Manufacturers
  • Gymnasiums
  • Packaging Companies
  • Restaurants
  • Football and Golf Clubs
  • Sports Halls
  • Nightclubs
  • Butchers
  • Bakeries
  • Convenient Stores
  • Any retail shop and especially chains of shops and/or franchises

Please note that it does not matter if you are in contract at present as Full Power Utilities can procure up to twelve months in advance and fix prices while the market is low. The new contract will then wait patiently and take over when the current one expires.

Getting in Touch

If you would like to reduce your business energy, or know of someone that might, please get in touch with Paul, to start the ball rolling.

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