About Me

When is the last time you checked your household bills? It’s a boring job, isn’t it? But did you realise that you might be missing out on savings though?

Hello, my name is Paul Smith, & I love helping busy people, like you, save money. I make people smile, especially when they discover how much they save on their utility bills!

I’m also a mentor for those who wish to set up their own UW distributorship, as they become an integral part of my growing team, who I must say, are a fantastic group of people.


Well, if you are, please drop me a line to find out more as I help both residential clients and businesses throughout the U.K., by offering a no obligation, free review of their utility bills, in order to see if a switch would be financially beneficial for you.

As for becoming a distributor, I’d like to show you how you can make a decent second income to pay off debts, go on holiday, make home improvements, build a pension, or just about any other way you may decide to spend the money.

I’m also an independent travel agent, and have worked in the family business since I started in November 1983. I now run the business from home, and am delighted to help both leisure and corporate clients alike with all their worldwide travel needs.

A bit about me
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* Independent Distributor with Utility Warehouse, since June 2017
* Many years of continuous working in the travel industry, running my own travel agency as a homeworker.

I have written a total of ten books for Jane’s Publishing and Airlife Publishing, amongst others, on the subject of civil aviation.

I love travelling and have been to some amazing parts of the world. Culture is something very dear to me, so wherever I go, I always try to learn a few words of the local language, even if it’s just the pleasantries. For me, it always heightens my travel experience, as does trying the local cuisine.

If you are into social media, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Please do feel free to like and follow me on any or all of these, and I’d love you to share and comment if appropriate.